The Best International Boarding Schools in the World

An international school is a school that promotes international education, in an international environment, either by adopting a curriculum. These schools cater mainly to students who are not nationals of the host country, such as the children of the staff of international businesses, international organizations, foreign embassies, missions, or missionary programs. Many local students attend these schools to learn the language of the international school and to obtain qualifications for employment or higher education in a foreign country.

Best Schools for International Studies

International School of Geneva, Switzerland

Branksome Hall, Canada

Diocesan School for Girls, New Zealand

Westminster school, England

Charterhouse, England

Uwcsea Vision, Singapore

Woodstock School, India

Dulwich College Management International, Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou

Canadian Academy, Kobe Japan

Geelong Grammar School, Australia

The Garden international school, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Tanglin Trust school, Singapore

St Paul's school, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Newton College, Lima, Peru

Grange school, Santiago, Chile

St Christopher's, Bahrain

Elementary, Middle School, High School

Most schools have report periods every quarter or 6 weeks. Generally speaking, in secondary schools, those are letter grades (A-F or E) that correspond to numbers* (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0) that are averaged all year to make a final average for the year, and a total average at the end of high school (calculated from 9th through 12th grade) called a Grade Point Average (GPA). (each grade is given a numeric value, A=4, B=3 etc. Many schools add "weight" to the grade, depending on the degree of difficulty, so that an A in Auto Mechanics is only given 4 points, but an A in AP Algebra II might be 4.5 or 5 points. Which means a straight A student who has taken 8 or 10 AP courses could end up with a much higher GPA than just a 4.0).